iBasis and P4 announce launch of high-definition voice services

12 May 2014 |

KPN-owned iBasis and Polish mobile operator P4 have revealed the launch of an international high-definition voice service.

The agreement will allow HD voice calls between subscribers of P4’s Polish mobile operator Play, and KPN’s customers in the Netherlands.

“HD Voice is the most significant innovation in international voice service in many years, providing dramatic improvements in the quality of cross-border and cross-cultural communication,” said Willem Offerhaus, CEO of iBasis. “We are very pleased to work with Play and KPN Mobile to enable mobile callers in Poland to enjoy the remarkable quality of HD voice when calling friends, family and colleagues in Holland and vice versa.”

HD Voice is designed to provide clear audio by reducing background noise and delivering a wider frequency range. The service is accessible through a multi-service IPX interconnect between Play and the iBasis HD-enabled Premium Voice over IPX service.

The IPX service resolves interoperability challenges across operators’ networks, providing transcoding between wideband and narrowband codecs.

“We are delighted to expand superior HD Voice quality to international calls, thanks to our co-operation with iBasis,” said Jacek Nieweglowski, CSO of Play. “The enthusiastic response of Play customers to the HD Voice experience fuels our efforts to broaden and expand the reach of HD Voice services to cross-network and international calls.”