Deutsche Telekom ICSS launches NY IP PoP

16 May 2014 |

Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales and Solutions (ICSS) has launched an IP PoP in New York.

The PoP is strategically located on the US east coast in order to provide global connectivity to customers and partners in North and South America.

The New York location is also expected to ensure faster and more reliable quality for intra-American termination.

“With the New York PoP, we can now offer our clients around the world higher voice call efficient, quality and capability,” said Holger Magnussen, SVP at Deutsche Telekom ICSS. “This is once again proof of our commitment to help our customers grow by enabling cost-effective and reliable voice interconnect services – no matter where they are.”

The PoP completes ICSS’ next-generation voice international (NGVi) platform, and is designed to meet the highest technological requirements on the US market, given that it already runs on the internet protocol standard.

ICSS said that integrated IP networks are an integral part of its global growth strategy, and the IP PoP in New York marks an important step for the company’s US strategy.

In January this year, Deutsche Telekom ICSS launched an IP PoP in Hong Kong designed to help the company develop its reach in Asia-Pacific.

“I believe this is a clear signal of our intention to serve not only western markets, but all markets across the globe,” Magnussen added.