ITW EXCLUSIVE: CIL summit highlights fraud and security concerns for telecoms

16 May 2014 |

Fraud and security concerns were at the forefront of the Confidence, Innovation and Leadership (CIL) summit at ITW 2014, following comments made by ex-FBI member Shawn Henry claiming that there was a growing disconnect between the two in the industry.

“I think that the issue with security on the networks now is the lack of understanding about what the real impact on the business is,” Henry said.

Henry, who is now president at CrowdStrike Services, said that it is an issue which needs to be met at board level by carriers. He warned that if the problem escalated, it could hold risks such as data theft and ultimately network destruction.

“Until we start to see that full appreciation for the business impact, we will not see a full appreciation of the need for better security,” Henry commented.

At the summit, it was revealed that 82% of the carrier market surveyed sees the OTT market as an opportunity.

“There’s this large perception that OTTs think that all messaging is going over the top,” said panel member Will Hughes, global head of OTT at Telstra Global. “But when we looked at some of our SMS revenues, they were remaining flat, if not growing in some parts.”

The panel agreed that OTTs are driving new consumer behaviours, which are expected to generate more messaging and voice trends.