ITW EXCLUSIVE: Telefónica Global Solutions launches IPX suite

12 May 2014 |

Telefónica Global Solutions (TGS) has announced the launch of its Global Solutions’ IPX Suite, a comprehensive catalogue of services of IPX capabilities, at ITW 2014.

The suite of IPX products is designed to help customers migrate from IP to IPX in a seamless and secure fashion, addressing all interconnection needs.

“Telefónica Global Solutions’ IPX Suite is the definitive response to a clear market demand to deliver innovative solutions addressed to all our customers’ segments, whether online service providers, fixed or mobile network operators,” said Juan Revilla, CEO of wholesale business unit at Telefónica Global Solutions. “Our customers will enjoy the simplicity of the solution while relying on us for the complexity of the interconnection capability.”

The IPX Suite is designed to allow customers to share interconnections between multiple services, and will also deliver extensive quality and security features.

Customers are expected to benefit from reduced costs as the amount of interconnections needed to acquire different services is minimised, as is the time-to-market for the implementation of new services.

Services in the IPX portfolio include VoIPX, SIGTRAN Signalling and GPRS/GRX with next-generation IP services such as LTE Diameter and LTE data roaming. Other services include data roaming management and optimisation, as well as enterprise services such as A2P SMS.

TGS said that all of its IPX services share a common formula based on efficiency, end-to-end quality of service QoS) or service level agreements (SLAs), and security

The services will be offered via the TGS international MPLS network which includes extensive coverage of providers and PoPs across the company’s footprint.