Level 3 CDN selected by Russian gaming firm

09 May 2014 |

Russian game developer Nival has selected Level 3 Communications content delivery network (CDN) to improve the gaming experience for end users, and expand across the globe.

Level 3’s CDN will allow Nival users worldwide to access the Russian firms content from nearby servers. Nival expects this to enable the company to expand globally and it will initially target users in North America and Europe.

“Level 3’s CDN is engineered to seamlessly deliver high-quality online content to end-users, allowing Nival to spend more time designing and developing the best games possible and less time thinking about how to deliver them online,” said Tim Passingham, SVP of enterprise business in EMEA at Level 3 Communications.

Sergey Orlovskiy, founder and CEO at Nival, said that Level 3’s solid and reliable reputation led to their decision to partner.

"Since using Level 3's CDN, we have seen a significant improvement in feedback regarding queue and load times from players around the world,” Orlovskiy said.

“Not only does Level 3's CDN improve our technical capabilities, but also it enhances our reputation as we continue to build our player base for Prime World and future games."

In August last year, Level 3 signed a similar partnership for its CDN with UK-based gaming firm Mastertronic.