Telecom Luxembourg pens bilateral deal with PrimeTel

03 April 2014 |

Telecom Luxembourg Private Operator (TLPO) has this week signed a bilateral agreement with Cypriot operator PrimeTel.

The agreement – signed yesterday during the World Hosting Day in Rust, Germany – will see TLPO extend its operations in Cyprus and the Middle East via a local interchange point.

“We already have an indirect co-operation as regards to data services in order to serve our corporate customers,” said Kyriacos Papakyriacou at PrimeTel. “It is a great opportunity to extend our operations via reliable network providers.”

The extension is expected to begin at the end of this week, and in return PrimeTel will gain enhanced access to the western European market.

“In particular, it will give [PrimeTel] the ability to set up local loops,” said Julien Doussot, chief product officer at TLPO.