Telefónica and Akamai enter global content delivery alliance

25 March 2014 | Sophie Donoghue

Telefónica has partnered with cloud service provider Akamai in an effort to improve the Spain-based operator’s content delivery (CDN) infrastructure.

The partnership aims to optimise Telefónica’s internet infrastructure and ensure a significant increase in speed and performance for mobile and broadband users, via Akamai’s CDN solutions.

The agreement will focus efforts in Spain and Latin America with plans to expand globally.

“Our alliance with Akamai reinforces our full commitment positioning Telefónica at the centre of the digital revolution,” said Juan Carlos Lopez-Vives, president of Telefónica.

“By offering our enterprise and multinational customers Akamai’s complete and premier content delivery solution as part of Telefónica’s global services value proposition, we are reinforcing our powerful global content delivery strategy,” he added.

In addition, the agreement sets out a partnership between the two companies to jointly develop innovative products and services in areas such as high-volume media optimisation, mobile technologies and solutions for emerging markets.

“Together, Akamai and Telefónica aim to align our services to be able to provide enterprises with the highest levels of performance and media optimisation,” said Tom Leighton, CEO of Akamai. “This important alliance represents Akamai’s continued expansion and investment in leading carriers around the world, and we look forward to our initial go to market opportunities with Telefónica in Spain and in emerging markets across Latin America.”

In January, Russia’s largest telecommunications provider, TTK, announced a similar partnership with Akamai, in an effort to improve its content delivery infrastructure.