TIM Brasil deploys 1,000km fibre-optic cable in north east Brazil

16 December 2013 | Sophie Donoghue

Brazilian operator TIM Brasil has deployed a 100G fibre-optic cable on a transmission infrastructure in north east Brazil, in a bid to increase data transmission capacity in the region.

Over 1,000km of fibre-optic cable has been deployed, and the cable will link Salvador and Fortaleza, the capital cities of the states of Bahia and Ceará.

The deployment is part of a project to increase data transmission capacity in the north by 100 times. TIM Brasil pledged in April 2013 to invest more heavily in network improvements across the country.

This was followed by TIM Brasil installing its fibre-optic network between Tucuruí, Pará, and Manaus, Amazonas in northern Brazil in August this year.