Telefónica launches cybersecurity service portfolio

13 December 2013 |

Telefónica Digital has launched a cybersecurity service portfolio targeting both enterprises and end-users.

The portfolio has been developed and designed in-house by Eleven Paths, an independent company launched by Telefónica Digital to focus on security issues.

Its enterprise security offering includes a cybersecurity intelligence service, designed to prevent disruption to businesses due to leaks of information, activism, online hacktivism, DDoS attacks, breaching of security mechanisms and theft of credentials.

The service, which is called Cyber Detect Threats, is supported by a team of security experts that scan large volumes of information from public sources, internal networks under authorised use and underground sites. The information is analysed in order to be able to carry out early detection, which is said to help anticipate possible threats and take control of its security.

The service is complemented with an anti-fraud service, which permits the detection and mitigation of phishing, pharming, malware, carding and mobile malware attacks, and a DDoS attack prevention service, which allows companies to identify threats in their own network.

On the end user side, the company has launched a smartphone application called Latch, which is designed to enable users to create an additional layer of security to protect their digital lives. Users can turn their online services – from social networks to online banking – on or off via the app.

The service launch is the largest announcement from Eleven Paths since the company was launched by Telefónica Digital in June. The company is led by world-renowned security expert Chema Alonso, who recently shared his views on cybersecurity to delegates at the Capacity Europe conference.

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