Telstra and Ericsson trial LTE-A

09 December 2013 |

Telstra has become the latest carrier to explore LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) technology, after it tested speeds of 300Mbps on its 4G network in collaboration with Ericsson.

Using Ericsson’s LTE-A software, Telstra combined 20MHz of 1800MHz spectrum with 20MHz of 2600MHz to achieve the higher download speeds.

With the Australian operator set to receive 700MHz spectrum once analogue TV signals in Australia are switched off, the trial could help Telstra utilise its new frequencies.

Earlier this year, the company indicated that it had been in discussion with device manufacturers to get LTE-A-compatible devices ready for the Australian market.

In a blog on its website, the company’s executive director of networks, Mike Wright, said: “While these trial speeds are very impressive and exciting (and we expect that actual typical customer speeds on commercial services will be lower), these trials are important for another reason, as they build on our earlier LTE-Advanced work and set us up to continue to deliver a reliable network experience and more reliable speeds into the future.”