BT renews network hosting contract with Telefónica Deutschland

06 December 2013 | Kavit Majithia

BT has announced it has renewed and extended its network equipment hosting contract with Telefónica Deutschland.

The UK-based operator will provide Telefónica with hosting capacity in 17 locations throughout Germany, covering some of the network equipment – such as routers and servers – that form the core of Telefónica’s German mobile network.

The companies said the facilities are designed to meet the requirements for power supply and cooling that result from fast-growing data volumes, in addition to the introduction of new technology, such as 4G.

“The world of mobile communications is once again being turned upside down with the roll-out of 4G. For us to deliver against the ever-rising expectations, having a solid network backbone infrastructure in place is absolutely essential to provide our customers with excellent user experience,” said Martin Skop, CTO at Telefónica Deutschland. “BT understands our requirements for mobile services and provides us with a reliable, scalable and cost-efficient platform for our network.”

BT’s capabilities are also said to allow Telefónica Deutschland to complement their infrastructure and give them the flexibility to align it to future requirements, in order to meet their end customers’ growing expectations for mobile broadband access.

“This new contract is a fantastic vote of confidence in the expertise of our people and our track record for delivery. As a global operator, we have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the telecommunications industry,” said Nina Wegner, CEO at BT Germany. “We are proud to support Telefónica in their drive to grow their business through the introduction of new services, such as LTE.”