SpaceX launches SES satellite

05 December 2013 |

US-based SpaceX has launched a satellite for SES which will allow the operator to serve its growing customer base in India and south east Asia.

The launch took place on Tuesday at Cape Canaveral in Florida, US, and is the first time SpaceX has put a satellite in geostationary transfer orbit.

The Falcon 9 rocket took off at 17:41 local time, and released the SES-8 platform on its planned trajectory around half an hour later.

“Falcon 9 executed a picture-perfect flight, meeting 100% of mission objectives,” SpaceX said in a statement after the launch.

The launch came at the third time of asking, following two previously failed attempts due to technical problems.

Weighing nearly 7,000 lb and roughly the size of a small boat, the SES-8 satellite will broadcast TV and communications services to the south Asian marketplace.

SES has contracted SpaceX to launch a further three satellites, beginning in 2015.

“The successful insertion of the SES-8 satellite confirms the upgraded Falcon 9 launch vehicle delivers to the industry’s highest performance standards,” said Elon Musk, CEO at SpaceX.

In November this year, SES extended its partnership with Comcast Wholesale to include the delivery of management solutions to companies in North America.