CSG International acquires Volubill assets

04 December 2013 | Kavit Majithia

CSG International has announced the purchase of key assets from charging and billing company Volubill.

Volubill products are used by service providers globally to monetise a new generation of digital and communication based services, and will serve as an extension to CSG’s market leading billing and revenue management portfolio, according to the company.

“CSG’s global strength, credibility, and coverage will enable Volubill products to reach a much wider market than was possible for Volubill alone,” said John Aalbers, CEO of Volubill.

For Volubill, the deal means its customers will gain support from CSG, and it will be able to leverage the CSG’s investment in efficiencies and innovations for its next-generation software and services offerings.

CSG provides software, technology and services solutions to over 500 customers, and the assets acquired in this deal will allow the company to expand its charging and policy reach, while also developing new services.

“Our clients are always looking for the most effective ways to maximise the value from the data and traffic that travel across their networks, and Volubill was an early innovator in that space,” said David Heaps, SVP of business strategy at CSG.