euNetworks enhances low-latency links to Stockholm and Moscow

31 October 2013 |

UK-based bandwidth infrastructure provider euNetworks has announced the launch of additional routes to Stockholm, Sweden, and Moscow, Russia, from its London base.

The London-to-Stockholm route is a fibre-based solution that utilises dedicated low-latency DWDM technology and is designed to offer ultra-low-latency services to the Swedish capital.

The route to Moscow forms part of euNetworks’ euTrade service portfolio, and connects the Russian capital to London via its dedicated finance network. The Moscow route is also expected to deliver a high-quality latency solution, with an estimated round-trip performance of 38.19 milliseconds.

Brady Rafuse, CEO at euNetworks, said that the company had seen huge demand for bandwidth from both Stockholm and Russia, and the investments into these networks show euNetworks’ commitment to the market.

“Demand for low-latency connectivity to Stockholm continues to increase, prompting our fibre investment on this important route,” Brady said.

“The addition of Moscow means that euNetworks delivers leading low-latency euTrade services across our London Metropolitan network. We continue to see great success and strong growth from our euTrade service portfolio, and as a bandwidth infrastructure provider, we will continue to invest to deliver the network performance that our clients need to maximise their business potential.”

In May this year, euNetworks launched a diverse, national route in the UK between London and Basildon, in a bid to support its low-latency link from Basildon to Frankfurt in Germany.