Deutsche Telekom ICSS and MegaFon to expand TransBaltic Gateway

31 October 2013 | Kavit Majithia

Deutsche Telekom ICSS has announced a partnership with MegaFon to expand the TransBaltic Gateway eastwards towards Asia.

MegaFon will provide the connectivity through its fibre optic network in Russia and its capabilities in Kazakhstan, and wil extend the present route to run from Frankfurt to China.

The project was partly constructed by Deutsche Telekom, MegaFon and Latvian operator Lattelecom in September last year.

“MegaFon continues to strengthen its position on the international carriers market. The contract with Deutsche Telekom reaffirms the high level of trust in our company among major international players, as well as for such large-scale projects as the Europe-Asia link,” said Evgeny Chermashentsev, director of corporate business at MegaFon OJSC.

Deutsche Telekom ICSS’ head of global capacity added that the expansion was a response to customer demand.

“We’ve chosen MegaFon as our partner due to our good relationship, their reliable network and flexibility on this project,” he added.

The total length of optical fibre on the route is now approximately 8,900km.