NetIX joins AMS-IX reselling programme

21 October 2013 |

Global Ethernet traffic and services exchange platform NetIX has joined the AMS-IX reselling platform.

The partnership is designed to allow NetIX to remotely connect customers to AMS-IX, allowing them to peer at the exchange and enhance their IP service offering.

AMS-IX’s partner programme enables third parties to resell AMS-IX ports anywhere they have infrastructure connecting to the various AMS-IX locations in Amsterdam.

Cara Mascini, CMO at AMS-IX, said: “NetIX has a broad network of customers in eastern and western Europe. These customers benefit from NetIX’s interconnection and Ethernet services and will now have direct access to our platform.”

It is hoped that the partnership between AMS-IX and NetIX will improve the overall network performance for NetIX customers.

Neven Dilkov, MD at NetIX, said: “The partnership with AMS-IX opens new opportunities for our clients and operators in the region, who now could benefit from the easier and cost-effective connection to AMS-IX and could expand their networks.”

AMS-IX has recently been eyeing expansion into the US, and in September this year announced plans to launch a regional internet exchange hub in Mombasa, Kenya.