Tata extends low latency network through stock exchange connections in Asia

09 October 2013 | Kavit Majithia

Tata Communications has announced the extension of its low latency network in Asia through direct connections with the National Stock Exchanges of India (NSE), Singapore (SGX) and Hong Kong (HKEx).

It extends the company’s financial trading connectivity network and aims to support mission critical, real time trading applications to connect exchanges with financial capitals in Asia, the UK and the US.

The Ethernet platform enables multipoint support to enable financial trading, and enables other companies that require latency sensitive connectivity to respond faster to the Asian markets.

“Given the challenging economic conditions, fast, secure and reliable connectivity is crucial for businesses,” said Genius Wong, SVP, global network services at Tata Communications.

“The extension of our network via direct connections to SGX, HKEx and NSE exchanges will enable financial trading firms around the world to execute faster transactions and receive immediate market updates, mitigating financial risks and becoming more participative in the global economy.”

Ovum analyst Joel Stradling believes the expansion of Ethernet connectivity into the major Asian stock exchanges significantly adds to Tata’s low latency network. “Customers that need low latency connectivity into NSE, SGX and HKEx can take advantage of several unique differentiators within Tata Communications' Ethernet range, such as its global cable assets and the benefits of an innovative and unique PBB architecture."

Tata says its latest development is part of the company’s vision to make global businesses better connected through collaboration between enterprises across emerging markets.