Tata launches mobile messaging exchange service

02 October 2013 | Kavit Majithia

Tata Communications launched a mobile messaging exchange service today (October 2), in a bid to enable OTT providers and SMS aggregators to connect to MNOs globally.

The move will also reportedly allow MNOs to monetise SMS traffic with an added layer of security, and provides a profitable solution to stakeholders in the value chain.

With SMS traffic growing globally, Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS is becoming an increasingly important proportion of traffic. According to Tata, the global A2P SMS market will see fivefold growth over the next five years, overtaking Person-to-Person SMS in a market that could be worth up to $76 billion annually by 2016.

“We see an emerging market need in the evolving SMS ecosystem,” said Jeff Bak, VP of mobility solutions at Tata Communications. “OTTs and SMS aggregators seek a simplified means to reliably deliver SMS to global mobile users, while MNOs want to monetise A2P SMS without compromising subscriber security and satisfaction. Seamlessly connecting communication service islands is a core mission for Tata Communications.”

The messaging system is designed to create an effective ecosystem, with the view of bridging the gap between the user community served by OTT and SMS aggregators.