Deutsche Telekom implements multi-vendor interoperability on 100GbE link

01 October 2013 |

Deutsche Telekom has completed multi-vendor interoperability on a 100GbE long-haul DWDM link on its TeraStream pilot network in Croatia.

The TeraStream pilot network was first launched in December 2012 through Deutsche Telekom’s Croatian subsidiary, T-Hrvatski Telekom, and the link is implemented using a common standard developed by Deutsche Telekom, Cisco Systems, Alcatel-Lucent and Cortina Systems.

The test was completed on the 600km of TeraStream’s fibre network between Split and Varazdin in Croatia, using a 100GbE IP router interface and transponders from Cisco Systems and Alcatel-Lucent.

It is said to be the first ever multi-vendor interoperability on 100GbE links between IP routers. Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, group CTO at Deutsche Telekom, believes the trial is an important milestone for the future of available 100GbE networking.

“Leveraging the TeraStream passive network and the jointly developed standard, we can achieve drastic cost savings in the area of optical transport,” Jacobfeuerborn said.

“We envision that this will also be the most cost-efficient optical interconnect for data centre applications.”

"In order for us as a company to achieve success in the future, we need to have networks that can support the most advanced communications and services,” said Ivica Mudrinic, president of the management board at Hrvatski Telekom.

“I am especially proud that Croatia with Hrvatski Telekom is the first country in the world to install this innovative technology, which will become key to our future success, to the development and competitiveness of the economy and will improve the lives of individuals.”

Earlier this year Deutsche Telekom announced its plans to increase its investment in infrastructure.