France Telecom to change name to Orange

29 May 2013 | Kavit Majithia

France Telecom will officially change its name to Orange on July 1 2013.

The move reflects the company’s gradual move towards a simplified visual identity in France and in international markets, which it began in 2006, for its various internal and external stakeholders.

France Telecom has been used since the company separated from the state in 1990, with the name deemed as symbolic within the group and for employees within France.

Orange will now become the brand used for all the group’s commercial operations in fixed, mobile, TV, internet, and other corporate activities.

In a statement, the company said the name change shows a “natural step in the process towards the simplification and unity of the group’s activities”.

It’s shares will now trade under the ticker symbol ORA. The company has further pledged to ensure stronger social cohesion, improved technical performance and faster growth in France and around the world.