Aria Networks pilots IP/MPLS solution for carriers

19 March 2013 |

UK-based Aria Networks has today announced the details of its latest IP/ Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Operations Solution.

The innovation by Aria, a provider of capacity management software, was reportedly in response to a request from a Tier-1 service provider and has been implemented across its global network, supported by operations centres in Europe, US and Asia.

Aria’s IP/MPLS solution enables automation, simplification and visualisation of complex, multi-vendor IP/MPLS planning, fulfilment and service assurance talks across distributed teams. The solution is hoped to enable fast, error-free delivery of IP and Cloud services – while reducing network and operational costs.

Jay Perrett, CTO of Aria Networks, said Aria wants to bring capacity management to the heart of service providers’ operations, “rather than it being a monthly activity or carried out in reaction to a customer experiencing service quality issues.”

He added: “We have a great deal of experience addressing service providers’ requirements for delivering efficient, resilient IP/MPLS services.

“Working with our flagship customer, we have invested in our capacity management platform to offer greater integration, a high-availability architecture and near-real-time response to network events.”

The MPLS solution means traffic is no longer delivered by using the destination address. It is instead labelled at source and based on the label given to the traffic, taking a pre-specified path on the network.