UNSi and Global Capacity partner for network expansion

13 March 2013 |

United Network Services (UNSi) has established a partnership with Global Capacity designed to strengthen its network reach in the US market.

Under the agreement, UNSi will connect to Global Capacity’s One Marketplace exchange at its Chicago PoP, which is said to help extend the capacity and reach of its MPLS Exchange Platform (MEP).

One Marketplace claims to offer network capacity across multiple networks and locations and the partnership is designed to facilitate the efficient delivery of TDM and Ethernet services in the Midwestern states of North America.

"Global Capacity's One Marketplace has been instrumental in expanding UNSi’s network reach and decreasing our overall time to market,” said Allan Schwartz, SVP of strategic planning & business development at UNSi.

"One Marketplace has also played a key role in solving our TDM abilities covering specific areas of the US market, which has been a growing need for us over the last few quarters."

The deal will also allow Global Capacity to deliver additional network access solutions, to better support UNSi’s overall network demand.

"Global Capacity is excited to support UNSi in its achievement of critical corporate initiatives including network reach and product expansion," added Ben Edmond, chief revenue officer at Global Capacity.

"Global Capacity's One Marketplace offers UNSi access to competitive network quotes in real-time and a streamlined service delivery for the best customer experience."