Deutsche Telekom ICSS targets extending connectivity to Middle East

05 March 2013 |

Deutsche Telekom ICSS is aiming to establish new partnerships in the Middle East to compliment its IP PoP in Istanbul, which went live at the start of this year.

The company is attending Capacity Middle East in order to raise the profile of its Istanbul PoP as well as begin discussions with local operators to extend its connectivity into the region.

Miles McWilliams, head of global IP & CDN at Deutsche Telekom ICSS, told Capacity Daily: “We have a PoP closer to the Middle East and the next step is talking to operators here to see what is of interest.”

The Istanbul IP PoP is said to be situated at a strategically important point in the city. Its location, operating as a gateway between east and west, is said to provide Deutsche Telekom with high capacity IP services to carriers, service providers, content companies and enterprises in Turkey and surrounding countries.

The PoP was part of an agreement with Turkcell Superonline and McWilliams hopes to establish similar partnerships in the Middle East.

“We need to find the right partner to replicate the partnership we did with Superonline over here in the Middle East, that way we can bring connectivity even closer to the region,” he added.