IXcellerate and Cirex partner on Moscow internet exchange

06 November 2012 | Kavit Majithia

Moscow data centre provider IXcellerate and service provider Cirex have jointly announced direct peering connectivity from IXcellerate on the Moscow Internet Exchange (MSK-IX).

In a partnership struck with MSK-IX, Cirex will provide fibre channels from IXcellerate’s data centre to MSK-IX and offering peering connectivity from IXcellerate on the exchange point.

MSK-IX has a total of 370 members, and it serves as a strategic exchange point for internet traffic in the country, providing both public and private peering, co-location and interconnection management services in Moscow, and a number of other big Russian cities.

“The opportunity to connect to MSK-IX directly at IXcellerate's facility will boost the interconnectivity options for companies co-locating their IT and telecoms infrastructure,” said Elena Voronina, CEO at MSK-IX.

“In partnership with Cirex we extend our network reach throughout new Moscow DC facilities and enrich them with a wide choice of carriers and providers.”

Peering agreements are seen as beneficial to a range of companies as  they allow an ecosystem of connected internet infrastructure, which is distributed through a fast and cost-effective Ethernet fabric to reduce IP transit costs.

Guy Willner, CEO at IXcellerate, added: “We aim to make IXcellerate the most well connected data centre in Moscow and having direct access to the Moscow Internet Exchange is part of that strategy.”