Alcatel-Lucent partners with Arbor Networks for DDoS lab

27 September 2012 |

Alcatel-Lucent and network security specialist Arbor Networks have established a proof-of-concept laboratory in Singapore to allow service providers to conduct testing of technologies for the mitigation of DDoS attacks.

The move follows the integration of Arbor’s DDoS mitigation software into Alcatel’s 7750 router family earlier this year.

At the laboratory, customers will be able to see live demonstrations of this integrated technology and test various DDoS attacks and techniques to understand best practices for DDoS mitigation.

“DDoS attacks are a growing problem for service providers and enterprises alike. Our partnership with Arbor Networks opens up a number of deployment scenarios and network configuration options for our customers. Given the interest we have seen in this integrated solution, we see the test lab as an important tool to help customers understand what this integration means and how they can benefit from it in practice,” said Kent Wong, VP of IP sales support centre, Asia-Pacific at Alcatel-Lucent.

The collaboration on Alcatel-Lucent’s IP routers is intended to allow attacks to be detected and dealt with at the edge of the cloud and closer to the location of the attack. Arbor claims that this approach is much more effective and cost efficient.

“Bringing DDoS mitigation to the edge of the network gives providers greater flexibility to reduce transit costs and backhaul costs, as well as the ability to launch revenue-generating managed security services for enterprise customers,” said Attley Ng, VP and GM for Asia-Pacific at Arbor Networks.