Telenet forced to offer wholesale access to network

05 September 2012 |

Belgian cable operator Telenet has been forced to offer its competitors wholesale access to its network, after a court in Brussels rejected the group’s appeal.

The country’s second largest mobile operator, France Telecom-owned Mobistar, appears set to gain the most from the decision, having been forced to sell its TV and broadband products using satellite as it lacks its own fixed network.

Telenet said in a statement that regulation would not benefit consumers, as the price of cable TV is already very low and that innovation by cable companies may come under pressure.

Telenet and Mobistar already have an agreement, in which Telenet uses Mobistar’s network to offer mobile services to customers.

The cable operator said that the decision could still be overturned, as another court case is pending, and a ruling is expected in 2013.