EdgeCast integrates Google PageSpeed in its global CDN network

27 June 2012 | Kavit Majithia

EdgeCast Networks has integrated Google’s PageSpeed front-end optimisation technology in its content delivery network.

Google’s PageSpeed is designed to make speed improvements to both static and dynamic content available on the web, and EdgeCast claims it is the first CDN company to integrate the technology within a global network.

The service has been integrated on the servers closest to the end user, allowing customers to select ‘best practice’ optimisations to apply content. EdgeCast confirmed it selected PageSpeed from numerous rivalling front-end optimisation technologies because the service provides benefits beyond regular CDN improvements.

EdgeCast’s Hayes Kim, senior product manager said Google’s ‘Make the Web Faster’ project could not be better aligned with the company’s mission. “Opening up PageSpeed to a significant percentage of internet traffic is exciting, because it has the potential to improve the user experience for almost every end user in the world,” he said.

PageSpeed will also be incorporated into the EdgeCast managed and licensed CDN software platforms, making the technology available to distributors including Motorola Mobility, Dell and operators they serve.

Google said it was pleased CDN vendors were beginning to see the benefits of faster internet services through such technologies. “We’re really glad to see a major CDN vendor like EdgeCast integrating this into its offering,” said Arvind Jain, director for ‘Make the Web Fast’ initiatives at Google. “We hope this significantly speeds up websites served from EdgeCast’s edge servers."

According to EdgeCast, early customer testing has shown a 77% improvement in site performance compared to customer origin without the service.