Optical transceiver and transponder market to grow $3.3 billion by 2016

18 June 2012 |

The optical transceiver market is forecast to hit $3.3 billion in 2016 according to a report by Infonetics Research.

Unit shipments of 10G SFP+ modules nearly doubled from 2010 to 2011 and are expected to grow at a 40% CAGR through 2016. Meanwhile, tunable XFP shipments nearly tripled in 2011, driven by the entry of new suppliers and unit shipments of WDM capable modules.

Infonetics predicts that the 100G coherent transceiver market is set to surge as supply floods the market in 2012, driven by network equipment manufacturers.

“2012 will be a pivotal year for 100G design activity, with many new equipment vendors fielding production equipment,” says Andrew Schmitt, principal analyst for optical at Infonetics Research.

“This will drive volume in the component world in 2013 as carriers reboot their optical networksand roll out all-coherent networks. In the meantime, 10G WDM interface growth continues with the tunable XFP playing the lead role.”