BT improves enterprise offering in Asia-Pacific

14 June 2012 |

British service provider BT today made a series of announcements regarding its business in Asia-Pacific. These include a connectivity contract with Singapore Exchange (SGX), expansion in the Asia-Pacific healthcare IT market, an outsourcing contact with Totan Information Technology and a management solution for global retailers looking to expand into China.

BT said that it would provide connectivity for Singapore Exchange’s (SGX) new hubs in Chicago and London using its BT Radianz service platform.

SGX is claiming to be the first Asian exchange with hubs in the US and Europe, in a move intended to bring its markets closer to international investors in the regions. Connectivity services will be offered to SGX customers in London and Chicago from July 2012, allowing access to Asian equity markets by connecting to BT Radianz at a local third party data centre.

In a seperate announcement BT said that it was seeking to expand in Asia-Pacific’s rapidly growing health IT market. To support this strategy the company is creating an Asia-Pacific health practice to coordinate its health activities in the region.

The practice will include experts in clinical design, clinical safety management and technical architectures and major programme practice with 130 dedicated employees.

BT estimated that the current addressable healthcare market in Asia-Pacific was worth £1.3 billion from 2012-2013, growing to £1.6 billion by 2014-2015.

From July 2012, Tokyo’s Totan Information Technology will outsource its private network community for voice trading services to BT. It is claimed that the deal will provide Totan’s customers with cost effective and easy access to any future innovative voice and data technology that BT brings to market. Totan said that it was outsourcing the service to focus on its core brokerage activity.

The service provider also announced a solution aimed at addressing the expansion and service needs of global retailers in the Chinese market. The Retail in a Box managed services solution includes online store performance monitoring, remote management, network security and disaster recovery. BT claims that the service will allow global retailers to reach 1.3 billion potential new customers and expand further into China’s Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.