Verizon to deploy 8Tbps MPLS backbone in European and US markets

13 June 2012 |

Verizon is to deploy, what is claimed to be, the industry’s first eight Terabit platform on its MPLS backbone in major markets in the US and Europe by the end of the year.

The deployment will upgrade Verizon’s global IP backbone to 100G Ethernet, supporting customer access speeds of 10G and above. It is claimed that it will give Verizon the densest multiprotocol label switching (MPSL) platform in the industry.

The move is described as another step in the company’s network evolution plan to deliver higher network speeds, improved latency, increased capacity and enhanced performance to its customers.

Verizon has selected Juniper Networks for the deployment and will be utilising the company’s PTX series.

“The entire effort to scale and converge separate MPLS backbones is a multi-year project that will result in a lower cost per terabit while combining four MPLS backbones into one," said Steve Misencik, director of global network planning, Verizon. “Execution is underway and Verizon is in the deployment and testing phase. Verizon has developed high and low level architecture designs and test plans that ensure transparency for all services that will use the PTX platform.”

The carrier eventually plans to upgrade further from this eight Terabit deployment with Juniper’s PTX series claimed to be capable of up to 16 Terabits per second of capacity.