OTE allowed to relaunch VDSL services

05 December 2011 |

Greek national incumbent OTE is to be allowed to relaunch its VDSL broadband internet service from June 2012 following an agreement with the country’s regulator over access granted to rival service providers.

Under a new wholesale VDSL tariff framework agreed with the National Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT), alternative operators will be granted access to OTE’s 50Mbps high-speed infrastructure.

The decision was made in accordance with the provisions of the European Framework on the development of next-generation networks.

OTE launched commercial VDSL in February 2011 but was forced to suspend the service while the EETT developed a regulatory framework for VDSL and FFTx services.

The EETT said that the decision was an important step in ensuring conditions of healthy competition in the market for fixed broadband networks, compatible with a coordinated and orderly transition of Greece to next-generation network infrastructure for electronic communications.