Rostelecom and Huawei partner for 100Gbps technology

20 October 2011 | Kavit Majithia

Russian carrier Rostelecom and technology solutions provider Huawei have completed a 100Gbps trial across a stretch of the carrier’s network between Moscow and Samara spanning 1,033km.

Huawei said the rapid increase in bandwidth leasing is leading the increase in broadband services between Europe and Asia and much of this was accounting for the transport capacity on Rostelecom’s backbone network. Rostelecom has been exploring a way to develop its services, and it is expected the company will also look in to the possibility of constructing 100Gbps backbone transport networks.

It is thought Rostelecom conducted the trial across this particular route because Samara serves as an important industrial city in the region, and is in urgent need of faster network services. According to Huawei, the trial was completed without any flaws, and both companies also achieved hybrid transmissions of 100Gbps and 40Gbps.

"In 2002, Huawei deployed the first WDM backbone network for Rostelecom, and since then, Huawei's WDM products have been deployed on 25,000km of Rostelecom’s backbone network," said Evgeny Zhukov, head of technical solutions to regional transportation networks at Huawei in CIS. "We are happy that our coherent 100Gbps solution passed Rostelecom’s rigorous testing with flying colours. The experience gained during the test will be very helpful in deploying 100Gbps services in the future."