LIME plans network upgrades across the Caribbean

19 May 2011 |

LIME has announced plans to upgrade the majority of its mobile networks to 4G and the remaining networks will be upgraded to EDGE (Enhanced Data GSM Environment).

Over the following 18 months, LIME will be upgrading its networks from the existing 2G technology to EDGE in all Caribbean markets except Jamaica, where a 3G upgrade was completed earlier this year. The network upgrade will begin in Grand Cayman this summer before being rolled out to other markets.

The upgraded networks will be able to use HSPA+ technology providing faster delivery of mobile data to its customers. LIME is using HSPA+ technology for its 4G networks after it was designated fourth generation technology by the ITU.

The company hopes that customers will be able to use services that require a higher bandwidth such as gaming and video streaming.

David Shaw, CEO of LIME, added: “We’re spearheading the 4G revolution, enabling our customers to work, play and stay in constant contact while on the go.”