Joining the merry throng!

01 April 2011 | Alex Hawkes

One of the most important challenges facing wholesale suppliers is to be able to accurately predict – and to meet – growth in user demand. When calculating patterns in voice or data, different regions each bring unique challenges.

Whether burgeoning economies are accelerating growth, populations are shifting from rural to urban landscapes, or the development of enhanced technologies is providing new answers to old questions, change is the constant. Anticipating that change lies at the heart of our collective success, or our failure.

Some of the simplest questions can be the hardest to answer. For example, how many websites are there? According to, approximately 256 million hostnames are currently in existence, although the total number of active hostnames is even harder to calculate. How do we measure, and meet, such an enormous, fluctuating number?

This is all by way of saying that I am thrilled to announce the presence of one more website, which I hope is going to be very active indeed: – and we are all delighted to be launching our online edition. As well as an archive of our editorial, we will be bringing you regularly updated news and hoping to engage our readers in lively comment and debate. Please do stop by for a visit. You will need to register your email address to obtain full access to the site, but we hope it’s worth your time. And we want our site to be your site, so do let us know your feedback, or if there are other features you would like to see.

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Angela Partington, Editor