Lithuania tops FTTH/B rates in Europe

16 March 2011 |

Lithuania has the highest subscriber penetration rate of FTTH/B in Europe according to the FTTH Council for Europe.

Lithuania’s 22.62% penetration rate is mainly due to its lack of infrastructure but the Lithuanian government is also championing broadband – especially fibre – for the future of the economy. This situation is replicated in many other eastern European countries, with seven out of 10 of the countries with the highest penetration rates coming from eastern Europe.

In the second half of 2010, the number of subscribers with FTTH in Europe and Russia increased by 18% reaching 12 million. By 2015 it is predicted that over 32 million households , or 11% of all homes, will be connected to FTTH. Norway, Slovenia, Latvia and Portugal all solely use FTTH, with a 0% penetration rate of FTTB. Romania is the only country to not use FTTH with all fibre users using FTTB. Economies such as Spain, Germany and the UK are not featured due to their dominant incumbents with functioning networks in place.