Mobile broadband subscribers drive backhaul equipment market

01 January 2011 |

The second edition of Infonetics Research’s 2009 Mobile Backhaul Equipment and Services report predicts that the mobile backhaul equipment market will grow by 60% in 2009 to $5.9 billion.

Both the overall number of mobile broadband subscribers and the amount of bandwidth consumed by each individual subscriber is increasing rapidly, according to the report. As a consequence, service providers across the globe are upgrading their networks to meet demand. Over 100 operators currently deploy HSPA, and upgrades to HSPA+, Wimax and LTE are expected in the near future.

In preparation for future upgrades, according to Infonetics, mobile operators are adopting Ethernet-only products, which has buoyed Ethernet microwave backhaul. Gigabit Ethernet “LTE-ready” microwave backhaul products were launched this year, and more Ethernet-only microwave products are expected to launch in 2010.