Reader profile: George Szlosarek

15 February 2011 |

George Szlosarek is CTO of global service provider Epsilon Global Communications, and has been reading Capacity since the company first began operations in 2003.


“I can always remember copies of Capacity lying around the Epsilon offices and it has often proved a useful companion on the long London commutes. The global carrier business is an interesting market and the last few years have seen many changes, with Capacity proving a great source for learning first-hand about the experiences and emerging trends facing the market players.

We are all essentially faced with the same challenges – albeit on different scales – and it is always interesting to know where companies are focussing most and how they plan to address the challenges. Epsilon’s core business is centred on providing international network and connectivity solutions, and we therefore need to keep up to speed with the latest submarine cable projects: knowing what the progress is with new cables, what the pricing is doing on existing cables and what challenges are facing operators in terms of delivery and access to cables. These types of articles are always insightful and provide an indicator of take up, growth and opportunity. As a new era is dawning in this marketplace, it is also interesting to learn how the international wholesale voice and capacity business is developing and this is an area we have been following closely.

There are many changes underway in the industry, with each operator looking for smarter and leaner ways to operate but still sustain volume and look for growth, and the magazine sheds light on the issues facing the market and how its future is evolving.”