Western Europe holds the greatest number of IPTV lines

15 February 2011 |

Western Europe has the greatest share in the IPTV market with 43.6%.

Research group Point Topic found that by the end of June 2010, the region had almost reached 16.8 million subscribers.

Approximately 9.4 million subscribers from the French market contributed to half of the overall figure for the region. The report suggests this is due to bundles which include broadband, voice and TV. China is the dominant force in south and east Asia holding 6.7 million subscribers. This regional figure includes Hong Kong which has the highest density of IPTV in the world. North America has the second largest share of the market with 17.97%. The largest contributor is the US, which has the third largest market globally, just falling short of 6.5 million subscribers.

IPTV is gradually growing in every region with 2.27 million subscribers added by the end of the second quarter last year. The total at the end of the quarter stood at 38.5 million subscribers worldwide.