Global Crossing to sell 40Gbps wavelengths

15 February 2011 |

Global Crossing has upgraded the terrestrial capacity of its wavelength service to 40Gbps.

The company said it is backing the enhancement with benchmark-setting network performance service level agreements (SLAs) and a new route diversity planning service.

The upgrade is being implemented to its routes in North America and Europe, including the UK. Its Latin American and subsea connections are not being upgraded to 40Gbps for the time being, but are likely to follow that path over the next 12 months.

“The need for this higher capacity is being driven by the huge rise in video and music traffic, among other factors,” said Mark Manioci, Global Crossing’s director of transport product management.

“Demand for capacity is never ending. 40Gbps helps us to meet that. It’s important to us to be able to guarantee performance, which is called for to meet our customers’ low-latency requirements. That’s why we’re not just providing 40Gbps, but backing it with SLAs to ensure a certain level of round-trip performance.”

Global Crossing has been using 40Gbps speeds on its networks for a while, Manioci said, but this is the first time they are being provided as a specific service for wholesale customers, both in the core and the edge of the network. The carrier is also planning for 100Gbps network speeds.