Video streaming drives mobile bandwidth demand

15 January 2011 |

International mobile data bandwidth increased 68% in the first half of 2010, with 13% being attributed to video streaming from YouTube, according to research by Allot Communications.

After increasing by 92%, video streaming is the fastest-growing and now the largest application type, showing the growth in demand for real-time user generated content. The second largest application is VoIP and IM which grew 84% in the same period.

The Allot Mobile Trends Report also identifies the link between social networking and the increase in mobile bandwidth; Twitter grew 310% in its global mobile data bandwidth usage while Facebook increased by 200%.

The report suggests that although the mobile broadband market had a CAGR of 184% it has not yet reached full maturity. It predicts that as new mobile internet devices, applications and services continue to develop, more challenges lie ahead for mobile broadband operators.