Access to urban and rural broadband divides UK

15 January 2011 |

Rural areas in Britain are falling far behind urban areas in terms of broadband, according to research by Point Topic – a trend which is likely only to increase.

Six indicators measure broadband speed and costs, and research shows that rural areas fall behind urban areas on every one.

The six indicators are: local-loop unbundling; services from ISPs such as Talk Talk, Sky or BT telephone exchanges enabled for its 21st Century Network; the Virgin Media cable network; broadband services of at least 2Mbps downstream; next-generation access (NGA) superfast broadband services at the end of 2010; and projected NGA services for the end of 2015. These indicators can be combined to provide a single Broadband Infrastructure Index (BII): while urban areas in Britain scored 67% in mid-2010, rural areas rated only 25%.