Vodafone trials networking slicing at Glastonbury festival

Vodafone trials networking slicing at Glastonbury festival


Vodafone has revealed details of a network slicing trial it ran at this years Glastonbury festival in the UK, where 200,000 attendees generated over 225 TB of data across Vodafone’s network

The UK-based MNO said this represented an increase of 33% year-over-year.

It offered a portion of its network specifically to EBC, one of the largest drinks vendors at this years festival.

Network slicing is a configuration that allows for multiple networks to be created on top of the same physical infrastructure. It allows for different network features to be applied to specific use cases.

This means that EBC were able to maintain a consistent payment service that was uninterrupted by other demand placed on the temporary Vodafone network built for the festival.

“The future of digital technology is designed to connect anything and everything – it is so much more than a network for our smartphones and will impact every facet of our lives,” said Nick Gliddon, business director, Vodafone UK.

Vodafone optimised the network slice to support the busiest periods of EBC’s trading, which included over 100 tills each making two transactions a minute.

Ryan Kingsley, stock manager at EBC praised the effort by Vodafone.

“Running some of the busiest bars at Glastonbury, it is so crucial that we have a stable data connection with the capacity to operate our tills,” he said.

“The Vodafone slice ensured that the three bars supported in the demonstration had that stable data connection and helped us serve our customers faster than ever before!”

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