Neos Networks CEO speaks on latest UK Altnet consolidation

Neos Networks CEO speaks on latest UK Altnet consolidation

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Following news earlier this week that more consolidation is afoot in the UK’s Altnet market, Neos Networks CEO

 It was announced on Monday that brsk and Netomnia (Youfibre) are planning to merge their networks, with brsk sitting under the umbrella of Netomnia’s holding company Substantial Group.

The development was somewhat expected after specilation of a tie up began to emerge in April, but the announcement confirms the consolidation, although brsk will still be ran as a separate entity.

Lee Myall, CEO of Neos Networks told Capacity that The deal between two of its customers is exciting as it will come with a new wholesale company that will aggregate the two networks.

“This is vital, as consolidation isn't just about acquiring disparate networks and running them independently,” he says,

“To be truly competitive with legacy ISPs like Openreach and VMO2, Altnets must deliver the same national reach and unified approach as their competitors.”

Myall believes Altnet’s help close the digital divide across Britain and introduce much-needed competition to legacy service providers, who couldn’t fully meet the UK's demands.

“They have been hugely successful and the UK is ever closer to its target for gigabit-capable connectivity,” he continues.

However since their introduction, and as the pressure to generate customer revenues mounted, “the industry has been expecting widescale consolidation.”

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