Nokia reveals expanded 5G alliance with Google Cloud

Nokia reveals expanded 5G alliance with Google Cloud


Nokia and Google Cloud have teamed to help developers worldwide create 5G applications faster with telco APIs.

Nokia has announced an expanded collaboration with Google Cloud aimed at accelerating the development of 5G applications.

Nokia's Network as Code platform will now operate on Google Cloud, utilising the capabilities of Google’s Vertex AI and Gemini 1.5 Pro to enhance the developer experience with generative AI features.

The integration will enable developers by offering AI assistance in coding to boost productivity and support the incorporation of AI into their applications.

The collaboration will initially focus on the healthcare sector, targeting telehealth companies to help them provide safer and improved customer experiences. By leveraging Google Cloud's developer community, which spans various industries and geographies, Nokia aims to improve access to standardised 5G network capabilities.

Nokia’s platform integrates telco networks, systems integrators, and software developers into a unified ecosystem designed to expedite the development of software applications that harness the full potential of 5G and 4G networks. It offers a comprehensive suite of resources for developers, including software development kits (SDKs), network API documentation, as well as a sandbox environment for use case simulation and testing.

The platform operates on a revenue share model between developers, operators, and Nokia.

Ankur Jain, vice president, Google distributed cloud and global telco industry at Google Cloud said: “Through this important collaboration with Nokia, we are enabling our global developer community to tap into the greenfield opportunity that 5G networks provide. Our developer community is a strong innovation driver globally, and we believe the telecom space offers significant value creation opportunities through new applications.”

Raghav Sahgal, president of cloud and network services at Nokia added: “We are excited to expand our collaboration with Google Cloud, enabling thousands of Google Cloud developers to tap into our network capabilities so that they can create value for their customers faster.”

Since the launch in September 2023, Nokia has signed collaboration agreements with 13 network operators and ecosystem partners across Europe, North America, and South America.

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