Vodafone launches 5G SA private network solution

Vodafone HQ 2.jpg

Vodafone has launched 5G Standalone (SA) connectivity over its mobile private network.

The operator is the first in the UK to standardise a 5G SA Mobile Private Network (MPN) offering across the lifecycle of the solution.

MPNs allow businesses and organisations to customise network performance and characteristics to suit their own connectivity needs.

This, Vodafone says, has the potential to accelerate digitisation and act as a catalyst for economic growth across the UK.

By installing dedicated equipment on-site, the customer can tailor the connectivity experience as only its own devices and application can connect to the network.

Nick Gliddon, business director for Vodafone UK said: “Mobile Private Networks are an opportunity for our business customers to accelerate innovation at an unprecedented scale.

“By installing a private and customisable network, Vodafone can support innovation by cultivating new use cases in an environment which brings the best opportunity.

“That could be delivering on low latency requirements, enhanced security or enabling massive-IoT models. Whatever the use case, Vodafone can deliver a tailored experience to act as a catalyst for innovation.”

MPNs remove the risk of network congestion, while network functionality can be customised to use case requirements and security is enhanced as data never needs to leave the customer premise.

MPNS can also offer significant benefits across several industries including manufacturing, healthcare and transport and logistics.

They are set up to enable use cases such as asset tracking, drone detection, machine-to-machine connectivity, condition monitoring, augmented and virtual reality and more.

Most importantly, though, an MPN allows the creation of services with special requirements that would not be possible over a public network.

Vodafone has already deployed several MPNs across the UK including at Ford’s E:PRIME factor in Dunton Essex and at 5G innovation labs in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Kilmarnock.