Infobip to offer customers EU privacy from its data centres

Infobip to offer customers EU privacy from its data centres

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Cloud company Infobip is launching a data centre solution that appears to allow users to abide by European laws on privacy.

Infobip said that from April it will offer customers a separate EU region-locked data centre, that will conform with the 2020 decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on transfer of personal data outside the EU.

Aurora Volarević (pictured), VP for corporate affairs at Infobip, said: “This EU region-locked data centre … follows several other safeguarding procedures that enable Infobip to provide customer support from EU only, demonstrating our commitment to keeping its customers’ data in a location of customers’ choice.”

The ruling that set Infobip on its way is called the Schrems II judgment, which has affected companies such as Facebook that wanted to send data outside the EU for processing.

But it’s not just hyperscalers that are affected. Infobip says the CJEU’s 2020 ruling has “far-reaching implications profoundly affecting the entire legal landscape for personal data transfers outside the European Union”.

It imposed “additional obligations for transfers of personal data” to countries where personal data is not protected to the EU’s high standards. “This includes personal data accessed outside of the EU.”

Volarević said: “Infobip always strives to support its customers in their compliance with applicable personal data protection laws and is devoted to designing its products and services to meet customers’ evolving security and privacy-related needs and expectations.”

She added: “Data localization planning is part of our business strategy and one of the priorities in designing our products and services.”