Net Insight advances 5G with TimeNet solution

Net Insight advances 5G with TimeNet solution

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Net Insight has announced that its Precision TimeNet solution has been deployed by operators across three continents.

The company’s most recent partnership with a leading operator in Canada will see its GPS/GNSS independent, cost-effective and secure time synchronisation solution become part of a nationwide 5G network roll-out.

Time synchronisation in 5G TDD networks is key to deploying effective and efficient operations.

Precision timekeeping is based on satellite signals to provide a reference “clock” on which the synchronisation is based.

However, the intentional disruption of satellite signals due to jamming or spoofing leads not only to problems with reliability and service availability, but also to malicious denial of service attacks.

Turk Telekom was the first operator in the world to use the Precision TimeNet solution in a 5G network, and the operator is playing a leading role in championing the new solution along with Net Insight.

With the solution, the operator is able to reach regions previously deemed impossible to serve with GPS synchronisation.

“We see considerable market potential for this innovative solution which will reduce costs and speed up the roll-out of 5G for mobile operators globally,” said Ümit Önal, CEO of Turk Telekom.

“As Türk Telekom, we work hard with the responsibility of leading Turkey’s digital transformation and shaping the future with 5G and new generation technologies.

“We take an active role in drawing the 5G roadmap in the global arena with our pioneering R&D studies, products, and tests for 5G worldwide.

“This important collaboration agreement with Net Insight fits well with our strategy to innovate and bring new technology to the world.”

TDD upgrades are becoming a top priority for operators as 5G continues to become an integral part of national infrastructure.

Net Insight’s Precision TimeNet provides allows operators to accelerate 5G rollouts in a more secure and compared to alternative solutions such as PTP.

“Security and reliability are major challenges in 5G’s deployment, with substantial and critical risks to network operation if they’re not solved early on,” said Per Lindgren, Group CTO and head of sync at Net Insight.

“Efficient and sovereign time synchronisation represents a significant solution component to these challenges but must be easy and cost effective to deploy.”