Nokia and Tele2 partner on private wireless in Sweden

Nokia and Tele2 partner on private wireless in Sweden

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Nokia and Tele2 have inked a collaboration in Sweden that focuses on private wireless networks.

Through this partnership, enterprises will be able to use 5G private wireless to connect its assets and optimise operational data, to meet cost, efficiency, and sustainability goals.

“There is a growing demand for tailored private wireless solutions among our enterprise customers," said Stefan Trampus, EVP of B2B at Tele2.

"Offering the solution will allow customers to speed deployment and implement new capabilities as their needs evolve. Together with Nokia, we can address enterprise digitalisation needs, and expand into new business segments.

Specifically, Tele2 will be able to offer its customers private wireless 5G, using a solution based on the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) end-to-end private wireless networking and edge computing platform. Giving enterprises secure, robust, low latency asset connectivity and real-time on-site data processing.

Using this data in conjunction with analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, enterprises can implement Industry 4.0 business use cases such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, autonomous vehicles and robots and zero fault manufacturing.

“We have extensive expertise with 560 large private wireless customers across an array of sectors worldwide. We believe there is significant business potential for private wireless in Sweden," said Raghav Sahgal, president of cloud and network services at Nokia.

"While to date, most of the enterprises who have already deployed private wireless in the country are in the manufacturing segment, there are compelling opportunities for other industries including mining, power plants, construction, agriculture, healthcare and public services, to transform operations using the technology. We are pleased to work with Tele2 as part of their network offer and demonstrate the use cases that will allow enterprises in Sweden to transform their operations for the Industry 4.0 era.”

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