BBIX to launch IX point at Digital Edge's OSA1 data centre

BBIX to launch IX point at Digital Edge's OSA1 data centre

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BBIX confirms the launch of its seventh internet exchange (IX) point in Digital Edge's OSA1 data centre.

Effective as of March, 2023, BBIX, a subsidiary of SoftBank, will open 'BBIX Osaka No. 7' at OSA1, operated by Digital Edge in the Osaka, Japan area.

The news comes in light of the growing demand for Internet interconnection in the Kansai area, and BBIX says it selected Digital Edge's OSA1 data centre because of it is carrier-neutral, scalable, and is located in Osaka Business Park, which is close to the core network centre of western Japan.

"We are delighted to partner with BBIX to enhance the service offering for our customers at OSA1 by enabling them to access vital Internet Exchange Services," said Kei Furuta, president of Digital Edge.

"This partnership forms part of our wider efforts to further contribute to Japan’s thriving internet ecosystem and provide much needed interconnection options to customers in the Osaka metro area.”

By providing IX services at BBIX Osaka No. 7, BBIX will contribute to the development of Internet connectivity and communications services in the Kansai area.

BBIX's IX Connect Service, is aime major content providers, Internet service providers, educational institutions and companies, that provides interconnection points for exchanging traffic between customers.

It will feature 10G Ethernet / 100G Ethernet ports as well as optional services that include Link Aggregation, Route Server and Private VLAN.