Exa continues investment in Iberian Peninsula

Exa continues investment in Iberian Peninsula

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Exa Infrastructure is investing further into the Iberian Peninsula with a second new diverse terrestrial transport route between Spain and Lisbon.

The new northern route will serve increasing customer demand across the Iberian Peninsula as it connects to data centre hubs across Europe.

Exa adds that this investment promises to enable “the most diverse transport to high growth cable landing stations and data centres powering connectivity throughout Europe”.

“Resilient connectivity is critical, and EXA is absolutely committed to meet the rising demand of digital traffic by strategically expanding our network investment across Spain and Portugal,” said Steve Roberts, vice president of network investments at EXA Infrastructure.

“We continue to deliver on our promise to be the most expansive and dedicated infrastructure network in Europe with our focus firmly set on delivering the most diverse transport options for our customers.”

This announcement comes after WIOCC chose Exa to diversify its network connectivity between Africa and Europe.

That deal will allow WIOCC to use a new gateway into Europe on a high-capacity network.

In October, Exa announced a new terrestrial transport route to Lisbon and Sines in Portugal after identifying that Spain is becoming “the epicentre for digital traffic”.

“The digital age is driving internet traffic faster than ever before, changing lives, growing businesses and economies. EXA are committed to meeting this demand by investing and expanding our network for new and existing customers,” added Nicholas Collins, chief commercial officer of Exa.

“We are excited to be the business that is shaking up the sector and will continue to be the most expansive and dedicated infrastructure network in the market.”